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Potato starch can be used to great effect in a wide variety of dishes. Whether it's a stew, soup, gravy or sauce you've got on the hob, let potato starch add its own magic to the mix - not forgetting fluffy pastries. Our potato starch is also available in an organic variety.

Our Helmi potato pearls make a superb porridge or even bread. Organic Sago Pearls is a new organic version of Helmi potato pearls. You will find recipes in English at

Finnish potato starch and pearls are also suitable for a gluten-free diet.


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Here is how you make quick and easy Sago hot cereal.


Finnamyl Oy is investing in potato protein production in Kokemäki

Organic Sago Potato Pearls - for pure enjoyment

Naturally extracted from premium ingredients
Organic Sago Pearls is a natural Finnish potato starch product. The pearls are made of organic potatoes grown in unpolluted soil in the Finnish countryside. Using special technology, Finnamyl produces them from premium organic potato starch and citric acid (E330) with no other ingredients. The pearls are gluten-free and vegetarian.